Nap time

Swaying and rocking as I pat and I bounce, slowly she calms just a pinch then an ounce.

If she begins to stir again, I’ll gently remind her it’s safe to rest, as I do my best to shush, hum, shake, and shimmy until she sweetly melts into my body.

The floors may creak beneath my feet, there maybe honking and sirens heard on the streets; the doorbell or phone may ring, and your sister may decide now is a good time to shout and sing.  But I’ll keep holding, loving and rocking you gently until you trust my embrace and let all the noise fade away.

We’ll find peace in this space, nevermind the hair falling on my face, nevermind all the thoughts that could race through my mind.  I’m too busy memorizing every dot and every line, because I can not press pause on this moment in time.

So, I’ll rock, sway, and pat just a few moments more before I leave to scrub the floor.  And, I’ll remember all is more than well or fine because I have the amazing blessing of calling you mine.

–Danielle Atherton-Rutledge


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