Yipee! Yahoo! Hooray! It’s Today!



Yipee!  Yahoo!  Hooray!  It’s Today!

Do you know what today is?

It’s today!

Get  excited!  Be delighted!  Shout out a big Hooray!

Deep breaths, big smiles, and your big and beautiful heart is all you’ll need to start!

We haven’t a moment to spare!

Show  the world TODAY just how much you care!

We will awaken with praise and say a quick prayer.

Fun and fair as we make laughter the focus of our daily matters.

Choosing gratitude over negative mental chatter.

We begin to scatter loving words with each breath we take.

Acknowledging the little miracles of today as we notice the contributions we can make.

Letting our eyes reflect the magnificence of the sun, moon and the stars. Because we notice the importance of today and who we are!

Thankful to rest peacefully each night knowing we captured the spirit of today with God as our guiding light.

Yipee!  Yahoo!  Hooray!  It’s Today!

Let us love, appreciate, and smile each step of the way!


DA Rutledge

Photo by Stacey Rohman Photography


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