Mention your Intentions



Mention your Intentions

Will you mention your intentions
for the day that is under way?

Will you think and speak of what you want?
Will you thank God for all you are blessed to know?
Will you let His sparkle be your glow?
Will you let it be known that you intend to
let his whispers gently blow
you towards a day of wows and whoas?

Feel the sun on your skin as you awaken.
Open your eyes and expect miracles and surprises.
Know you are free to go out into the day to see and find them.

If you say so it is so, didn’t you know?
So plant your smiling seeds first thing each morning.
Decide your day will be magnificent and amazing.
Declare each bite, bug, hug, butterfly and moment a blessing.

As your day ends and you grow sleepy and tired,
remember all the happiness you were able to acquire.
And know that you’re able to create each desire
with a daily mention of your intentions.
Happiness is a decision.

Choose love each morning, noon and night.
Choose God as your guiding light.
Choose to know no wrong and do only what feels right.
These choices are what leads us to an abundance of serenity and delight.

You are here to shine bright.

Inhale love, exhale light.

And, go create miracles-it’s your birthright.

DA Rutledge




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