Mindful Meditation

Mindful Meditations


We sit as still as a lotus,

as we use our breath to help us focus.

 Peace and happiness we choose to exude,

as we sit in deep gratitude.

We clear our minds by letting our thoughts rest,

as we allow our bodies to enjoy deep cleansing breaths.

 This space we have created within us,

is to help us find what frees us and help us release what freezes us.

When our time here is finished,

thoughts of fear will have been diminished,

and our love for ourselves and the day will have been enhanced and replenished.

 Pushing past life’s limitation using mindful meditations

creates inner peace, which can begin to heal you and every nation.

 Quieting our minds and listening to our soul will help us step into our role, and achieve our goals of helping to mold a society that works towards love as a whole.

-Danielle Atherton-Rutledge

Photo by Renee Atherton


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