The Sun in My Tum Tum

The Sun in My Tum Tum

There is a brilliant and golden sun residing in your tum tum.  It’s a beautiful, bright and luminous light shining deep inside; you may not see it, but I know you will feel it.

Without you knowing, it’s there sparkling, shimmering and glowing.  It’s the fuzzy feeling or sensation you get when you share the love of your spirit, it’s the warmth in your heart that expands when you lend a helping hand, and it sparks a twinkle in your eyes when you smile big and bright.

You may brighten your light by choosing to do what feels right.  Your glow within will shine from the inside out when you begin loving who you are without fear or doubt.

You may know others who wish for your light to be dimmed; they may say and do things that will cause you to hurt within.

When this happens know that what they speak of is surely not so, then take a deep breath and illuminate the glow in your soul, and know that you are safe, perfect and whole.

You’re doing it right if you feel the love inside you and then share it times two.

Every kind word and generous act will lovingly impact all and that’s a fact.

No need to feel “ho hum” when you’re capable of shining as bright as the sun.
Breathe in love and radiate peace, try it!  It’s helpful and fun!

We need your brilliant light to illuminate day and night.  Pay attention to your glow and be sure to keep it warm and bright.  Notice what makes your light sparkle and grow, then do more of that to increase the warmth and enhance the glow.

By doing so, you will encourage others around you to take note and follow–countless seeds of love will be sewed.  You have the world to change so give it a go!!

Danielle Atherton-Rutledge


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