Mindful Manners

Mind Your Manners

Minding your manners is such a lovely way to sprinkle love throughout the day.

Yes sir, please, may I, have a nice day, and thank you are all loving words for you to choose when you want to help create a space of grace.

 Don’t be shy or timid when you speak your wee whispers of wisdom.

Look people in the eyes, tell them you’re thankful for their gifts and their time.

Simply showing your appreciation helps lead others to feel a loving sensation.

Know the helpful and loving things you can do, pay attention and notice the chances to do so, then do so and say so, because you know so.  And, you know love grows from the smallest of seeds wherever it is sewed.

 Your whispers, words, and caring ways will allow others to help you, while knowing you have an attitude of gratitude for the multitude of things they do. 

Mind your manners and you’re on your way to changing the world with the sweet words you use.

Danielle Atherton-Rutledge


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