Sunday through Saturday

Every day is a holiday in the sense that it is a gift.  Some days we must sift through the troubles and tiffs to find the things and people who will help us smile and cause our spirits to lift.

Sunday is day one.  We can start it off with a dose of the sensational sun and a splash of fun.  Shimmer, shine, share, and show someone you care.  Give spectacular smiles, it’s OK to go that extra mile.

Magnify your mood on Monday mornings.  Move through the day merrily making your moments magical, mystical, and marvelous!  Minding your manners on your way to turning the mundane into majestic in your own mindful way.

Day 3 of 7, oh thank the heavens!  Tuesdays to- do list includes twirling, tasty treats, and climbing trees.  Tap your toes to a tune or two it helps turn up your attitude!

Welcome Wednesdays with wonder as you whimsically wander on your way.

Thank and think on your way into Thursday. This day is yours and mine,  it will be a terrific and tremendous time!

On Fridays we fearlessly fantasize about what the day may bring.  Filling our minds and bodies  with all things fantastic and kind.  Frolicking through the forest, even if it’s only in our minds.

Silly, spontaneous, spectacular, and stellar are all sensational ways to describe how you will sway through Saturday.  Say a sweet word to someone you love or send  a sun-kissed thought to a stranger.  Surprising the world around you and smiling on the streets, seven days of the week!


Sunday through Saturdays are the best days to play, pray, and live out all of your dreams along the way.  Learn to speak the language of love.  Learn to love what you speak of.   Bless all who pass you along the way, Sunday through Saturday!

Danielle Atherton-Rutledge


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