The Sun Is Up!


The Sun is Up!

The sun is up and so are we.

Wake up my love.   There’s a beautiful day to see.

First we wiggle and we giggle, reach high to the sky and then down low to our toes.

Take a deep breath in and a slow breath out.

Puff those belly buttons out like a fluffy cloud.

Now do it again!  Let that pure fresh air in!

Shall we say a prayer to ask for love and care?

Let’s ask our angels to bless our day with love and laughter from here on after.

Let’s ask our Lord Jesus to lead us in light and help us do right.

We can even ask Buddha to allow us to shine our purest divine.

Don’t forget Sweet Mother Mary, ask her to guide thee to find peace and feel free.

We can ask them all to bless our day.  Please loving beings lead the way.

Let us say thank you to the sun, the trees, the clouds, the rocks and the breeze.

Thank you for this day and for every being and thing that will help it flow with ease.

Whatever today brings let us be thankful that it is here and that love is always near.

It’s time to fill our bellies.

Would you like some oatmeal, a banana, or toast with jelly?

Whatever it may be, may it bless my body with loving energy!

Now let’s get ready!  Slow and steady!

Brush our teeth and hair with love and care.

Look in the mirror and say I love you my dear.

Let’s wear something that helps us feel confident and comfy for we have a busy day filled with smiling, running and jumping.

Fresh clean air, teeth and hair, a healthy full belly, this I must tell thee is quite the blessing.

If you may, please be thankful for this amazing day as you go on your merry way.

Remember to pray and to play.

Remember to love, laugh, and learn at every precious turn.

Remember to give and to share because you are special and you care.

Remember this day is here to help you shine and help you find fresh new ways to make life kind.

Grab your smile my lovely child!

This beautiful day is worth your while, and this beautiful day needs your smile!

~Danielle Atherton-Rutledge~


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