Ooopsie Daisy Mazy




Ooopsie Daisy Mazy

Ooopsie Daisy Mazy is a healthy and happy baby with a side of messy and crazy.

Her goo goo gagas, shrieks and shrills, oh, how they give me the chills!

Not to mention all that she touches is dumped, dropped and spilled.

Sweet potatoes in her hair.  Her crumbly path she leaves on the floors, couches and chairs.  Slimy surprises in every nook and cranny,ruling the house with her naked fanny.

She’s whimsy and wobbley, and I’ll guess that she’ll probably have a melt down or two before the day is through.

Behind every ooopsie daisy, is a sweet and perfect little girl named Mazy.

She’ll give you no chances to be lazy, plenty of moments of crazy, and many reasons to stop and smell the daisies.

Life is entertaining, amazing interesting, fun, fast, new and exciting, and at times may even be a bit frightening.  But love is oh so mighty, and it can surely clean, cleanse and tidy the stickiest, ickiest, ooiest, gooiest, muckiest, and yuckiest situations that arise daily and nightly.

Oh, miss Mazy, you crazy little Daisy, thank you for helping us to see the love in your messes.

Sticky fingers, hands, clothes and tresses; boogers, fits, trips, and spills,hugs and kisses if you will, because in the end all I ‘ll remember is how you made me feel.

Each time I see your sloppy and smiling face I am reminded of God’s grace, I am reminded to replace my thoughts of lack and distaste with gratitude and the pure love that I hold for you in my heart space.

Throw away the hurry and haste, throw away the worry in our days.

We haven’t a moment to waste.

We have love to create, butterflies to chase and smiles to give away.

I’ll follow you Miss Mazy.  Knowing it may get a little hazy and crazy, but that’s o.k. my sweet  baby.  I’ll trip, fall, and make messes by your side.  There’s nowhere else I’d rather spend my life.

Danielle Atherton-Rutledge


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