Every Pitter Patter Matters



Every Pitter Patter Matters

Every pitter patter matters.

Every word you chatter matters.

Every thought you gather matters.

Walk with light and gentle pitter patters.

Whisper wise and sweet words as you chatter.

Think thoughts of love and kindness because you matter.

You’re special, perfect and priceless.

Use love always, it’s timeless!

Smile at life with your heart.

Use inner peace and beauty to set you apart.

Understand your uniqueness.

Understand you are not just a little mister or miss.

You were born to create and experience feelings of bliss.

You may be eensy weensy teensy, teeny tiny or itty bitty, but your love can be felt and spread in every city.

Feel special , be sweet, soft spoken and perfectly unique, as you tread courageously on your sweet little feet.

Danielle Atherton-Rutledge


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