Thankful for Timeouts


Thankful for Timeout

A time out is a moment to unwind and calm your mind.

When emotions get crazy and your mind gets lazy, it’s time to sit and breathe gently, deeply and gracefully.

It’s not that you’re in trouble or that you’re bad.  It’s that you need a tad bit of your time
to release the mental clutter and grime.

We all have moments when we feel angry and sad.  We must breathe through them on our way back to being glad.

Sit quietly, hum happily, read a book that makes you smile, or pray to your God when emotions and thoughts get a little wild.

Patience, peace and being present can be easy when you practice.


Feeling overwhelmed, angry, and frustrated is normal for us, only when we forget to stop and breathe deep loving breaths.

Find a warm and loving space where you feel safe.  Let your breath show you the way to a place of patience and grace.

When you’re done, you’ll be ready to act and speak in your natural, calm and caring ways. Then you can continue living out your moments and day with a carefree sway.

Calmly breathing can be your magic potion when you need to overcome these unloving emotions.

You may be young in age and small in size, but your words and actions can still hurt, help or heal, that is for you to decide.

If you say or do something that may lead to a timeout, try not to choose to pout and shout.

Close your eyes and remember fun times, pray for the angels to surround you with calm light, breathe in deep, and let your healthy belly fill up with delight.

When timeout is over you’ll be ready to play, sing, learn and dance while using loving words and gentle hands.

So you see, timeouts are your chance to enhance feelings of love and happiness.

Using them in this way will help you live out your days at your very best.
Danielle Atherton-Rutledge


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